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Flexishift - Work time tracking & reporting


Work time tracking & 
reporting for iPhone

Timesheets made simple

One tap when you start working, one tap when you're done. That's all you need to have a detailed timesheet always at your fingertips.

Work logging

Clock in at the start of the day and see how long you work with a glance of an eye.

Overtime tracking

Set your work schedule and see how much overtime you accrue over a day, week or month.

Break control

Precisely track your breaks to never work longer than necessary.

Go-home alert

Be notified when it's time to go back to those that you care about the most.



Workdays logged


Breaks taken


Reports generated

How can Flexishift help me?

One app for many work styles

I work fixed hours

Use Flexishift to track your overtime per day, week and month.
Do you have flexible lunch breaks? Log them in the app and never stay in longer than necessary! 

I'm a freelancer

Log your work on a project and generate reports for your client straight from the app.

Flextime is my middle name

If your work time if fixed, but hours are flexible, Flexishift can alert you when it's time to go home.

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Flexishift Pro

Upgrade to Flexishift Pro to export and send your timesheets and work logs straight from the app. 

Your data is exported in universal format CSV, which can be easily opened by Excel, Numbers and other apps.

Exported tables