Time tracking for the age of flexible work

Whether you work in an office, at home, or moving around, tracking your hours is vital for your financial and physical well–being!

Flexishift is tailored to your needs, packing powerful features in a form that’s a pleasure to use.

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Save Time With Unbeatable Features

Flexishift has been evolving since 2015. The result is a well-thought out app that's tailored to your needs.

Easy Work Logging

Tap a button when you start working and once more when you’re done. That’s all you need to do to take control of your hours.

Instant Earnings

Define your hourly rate to see how much you’ve earned in a day, a pay period or a year – all in real-time!

Flexible Work Schedule

Enter your schedule and see how much time you still owe… or how much more money they owe you for overtime!

Support For Multiple Jobs

Track your hours and earnings separately for each job that you work.

Automatic Location Tracking

Mark the location of your workplace and get clocked in and out automatically.

Timesheet Data Export

Share or print your work logs straight from the app.

App screenshots in multiple color variants

Make It Your Own

Everyone has their own style. We support that!

  • Choose between a light or dark appearance.

  • Pick the color that matches your taste.

  • Distinguish jobs that you track at a glance.

See It In Action

Flexishift features a clean, ergonomic user interface with subtle animations that will enrich your daily experience.

Download Flexishift and take control of your hours now!

Benefit of using a work time tracking app

As an employee, it is important to keep track of your work hours and overtime to ensure that you are being paid accurately and fairly. One way to do this is by using a work time tracking app.

First and foremost, a work time tracking app allows you to easily and accurately track your work hours and overtime. This is especially useful if you are working on multiple projects or tasks throughout the day, as you can easily switch between them and keep track of your time spent on each one. This eliminates the need for manual time tracking, which can be prone to errors and inconsistencies.

Another benefit of using a work time tracking app is that it can help you to avoid unpaid overtime. Many employees are hesitant to claim overtime, either because they are afraid of upsetting their employer or because they are unsure of how to properly record their time. A work time tracking app makes it easy to keep track of your overtime and ensure that you are being paid for every hour that you work.

In addition to helping you to avoid unpaid overtime, a work time tracking app can also help you to negotiate for a fair wage. By having accurate records of your work hours and overtime, you can provide evidence to support your case for a higher wage or a raise. This can be especially useful if you are working in an industry where overtime is common and is an important part of your compensation package.

In conclusion, using a work time tracking app as an employee has numerous benefits. It allows you to accurately track your work hours and overtime, avoid unpaid overtime, negotiate for a fair wage, and improve your productivity and efficiency. If you want to ensure that you are being paid accurately and fairly, consider using a work time tracking app.

Still have questions?

Flexishift is available in App Store®.

Flexishift works on iPhone® with iOS® 15 or later.

The basic version of Flexishift can be installed for free. It allows you to store up to 10 work entries and track at most 3 jobs. When you reach the limit, you can either make a one-time in-app purchase to upgrade to Flexishift Pro or delete some of your entries and continue using the app.

No, Flexishift stores all your information locally on your phone.

With Flexishift Pro, you can generate two types of files: a log of all work sessions with their details and a summarized report with daily totals. Both can be saved either in a CSV or an HTML format. Note that exporting requires an upgrade to Flexishift Pro.

Please use the Contact Author button in Settings within the app or visit support.flexishiftapp.com.